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12 persons

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Do you want to stay in Prague in an ordinary hotel or do you want to experience something rather special? Come and honor the spirit of the old Vysočany city area and the unique atmosphere of that community. And believe me, no one else really has such accommodation in Prague!

Accommodation directly in Loch is a wonderful experience. Sitting in a chair and watching what is happening on the street from a safe place... kind of like a big TV screen. You will feel involved in the happenings and pulse of the city.

Or you can lock yourself in your own cubicle to watch the events inside Loch sitting in your armchair. If you turn the light off, no one can see you, but you will see it all. The entire space just in front of you.

Do you want a bit of privacy? Lock yourself up, black out the curtains… and you are just with yourself.

Nearby there is an antique street market every Saturday and Sunday - the largest in Europe. Enjoy the mix of nationalities and dozens of different languages discussing with each other. Long-forgotten things can be bought there. Waste for some. A treasure for others.

Do you want to see the city panorama? Climb up to the roof, where a zone to relax is prepared for you. Picture it: above you only sky, the whole city under.

Take a tram directly to the city center in 12 minutes. No need for paper tickets. Payment can be made via SMS using a mobile phone. The underground is only 2 tram stops away.

Are you hungry? Mc Donalds and also a small shopping center is just around the corner.

Amazing place

Each cubicle has its own seat in the common area. Each seat has its own lighting that only you can control. Air conditioned. The number of sleeping bunks is 7. The maximum number of people in the common area is 12.

The common area consists of 7 sofas and tables. The sleeping bunks are equipped as follows: bed 200 x 140 cm, 6 pillows, blanket 260 x 240 cm, sheets, towels, comfortable chair, wardrobe, table, reading lamp, 2 shelves, USB charger.

The kitchen is equipped with a coffee maker, toaster, oven and refrigerator. There is a washing machine, dryer and hair dryer. Shower is available too. Enjoy the outdoor rooftop relaxation terrace.

High speed wi-fi is available. Parking is possible at Billa supermarket or straight in the Loch area for an additional fee. Everything is self-service, no reception desk.

All the space is equipped with original KATY PATY porcelain switches and lamps.


Poděbradská 52
Praha 14, Česká Republika

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